Tuesday, June 7, 2011

eKow 1.15 just released

A new version of eKoW has just been released on the Android Market. It's now possible to export as text/htm file an existing army list, once exported you can send to a pc via bluetooth (if supported by your phone) or send it via an email client installed on your phone.

In order to export the army list make a long press on the "Select an army list" menu and then click on "Export selected army list" from the option list. (see example below)


  1. when i export via email it doesnt seem to be attaching. Can you advise if any settings need changing or if theres a glitch?

  2. nope, it should work no matter what your settings are... I'll look into the problem and let you know.
    Anyway the export via bluetooth should work since it's a little more reliable