Sunday, August 21, 2011

eKow 1.7 just released

An updated version of eKow has been released on the Android Market!
  • added a new army list: the Twilight Kin (Dark Elves) released by Mantic Games on Aug 12 2011
  • the info are now better displayed in the exported army list
  • the units in the exported army list are now sorted according to the unit type: i.e. for KoW we have Infantry, Cavalry, Large Cavalry, War Engines and finally Heroes and Monsters
  • added the support for the dual nerve system (first used by Twilight Kin)
  • even KoW uses now the same data engine used for Warpath, this would allow me to make faster changes
  • Large Cavalry is now a unit type and not an option added to the unit like it was for the Orcs army list

his update was massive so if you find something broken please let me know!

by the way, expect another update as soon as Mantic will release the new army lists and the update for the old ones


  1. Issues! :)

    One: deletes all previously saved data.
    Two: Still have the issue exporting where the points values are correct but the equipment listed is wrong.
    Three: Exporting is great option but is there anyway you can save an HTML version to your SD card or similar the you have the option of sharing it later or viewing it without needing to run the app.
    Four: After creating lists go back to edit/export and they are not there.

    Thanks for your time and efforts!

  2. Thanks for the feedback:
    One: that's a known fact, the data are saved on the phone database in a completely different way than in previous releases. I should have implemented some way of converting the data but It would have taken a lot. Good news is that this won't happen in future releases (unless there is some dramatic change in the rule) since the new data model is much more flexible I can add or remove details about a unit faster. Old user data are still there! If you need to use them just switch to previous software version installed and when you done go back to 1.7

  3. Two: I'm not able to reproduce the problem, would you kindle give me an example of what you are doing and what it's wrong?

  4. Three: it's already working in this way, when you export the army list a temporary file is created in phone root memory and it's called eKowArmyList.htm
    The file gets overwritten each time you export an army list, if you rename it and move it to somewhere safe you can keep it!

  5. Four: never happened to me! Are you able to add units to this broken army list just after you create them?

  6. 1. okay. Good to hear. I have no idea how to change versions so will leave that ;-)
    2. I'll try and export an example and upload it. Things that are optional often display when you export as included. Points are correct just the descriptions include everything like you may pay for a horse the list will have correct points but still indicate horse for +10
    3. Yay it works!!
    4. You write the list then say open ekow an hour later and its gone. A restart odds my phone sometimes resolves it.

  7. Thanks for checking!
    2. I guess that the info on the exported list are not clear. For each unit you will see the total cost (base cost + option's cost that you enabled) and the list of JUST the options you enabled with the corrisponding cost. Anyway if you feel that the total cost is wrong just drop me an e-mail with the exported list and I will loook at it
    4. That's the first time someone describes such behavior to me, that's very strange. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on my own but I'll keep trying.