Tuesday, July 5, 2011

eKow 1.5 just released

a new version of eKow is available at the Android Market, this new release has some major changes:
  • its' now possible to create army lists for Warpath (beta), the supported factions are Forge fathers and Marauders
  • the same old features are available for Warpath too, so you can create and export your army lists like you did for KoW
  • there is some change in the interface since I had to add the equipments but the overall look is still the same
There are still some open points I'm going to fix with next release:
  • you are not forced to choose the mandatory equipment, sometimes the rules tells that you "must buy" an equipment but eKow saves your unit even if you don't choose the mandatory equipment
  • in the unit detail page if you rotate the screen as soon as the orientation changes to landscape every unsaved change you did is lost
  • some graphical change here and there
If you find a major issue somewere please report the problem using the link to the right, for more information about Warpath take a look at Mantic Games website.

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