Thursday, September 1, 2011

eKoW Online tutorial

Here you can find some guidelines about how to use the tool

(1) this panel makes possible to chose the race and the maximum amount of points, when you made your choice just click on the button. Be carfeul, any selections you made so far on the

(2) this panel shows the list of the available units for the race selected at step 1, it also show the base cost of an unit and it might display some icons like (!), (!!) or (!!!).
Such Icons tells that you need to perform some actions before being able to add the unit to your list
  • units with (!) can't be added because there are not enough point left
  • units with (!!) can't be added because you need one more solid unit in the army list
  • units with (!!!) can't be added because they are unique and they have been already included in the list
Once you made your choice selecting a unit just click on the button below to see the unit's details
You can see the unit details even if the unit has some icons next to it, you just won't be able to add it the the army list.

(3) this panel shows the stats of the unit, on the bottom you can see all the options that can be selected for a given unit.
If you want to enable an option click on the corresponding checkbox and then on the button "update unit cost" in order to update the cost and the unit's stat based on your option selection.
Some checkboxes are disabled, it means that you can't select them.
Some boxes are already checked by default (for example racial abilities that are always enabled)
Once you update the unit cost click on "add the unit" so that your unit will be added to the army list

(4) this panel shows the units you selected so far, if you want to remove a unit select it and click on the button remove the unit, units here can show the same icons explained before in step 2, if some units in this list have an icon next to the name it means that the army list is not valid
If you want to print your army list click on "export army list" button, a new window will be displayed showing the army list.

(5) the last panel shows some warning or error messages (for example when you try to add a unit and you don't have enought points)

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