Saturday, June 18, 2016

Donations Info

Since today accepts donations!

Putting together the various tools available on the website is quite time consuming and it's something that I do on my free time and for which I don't get any money in return.

Furthermore there are some costs associated with running a website (like for example paying for the domain), in the past years I've been trying to get some money back by putting some banners around but it hasn't been very successful. 
The tools I make are useful for a small number of people and they don't generate the kind of traffic to get back the money I put in advance.

So as today if you would like to help me improving either or you can simply make a donation with the paypal button below.

This is of course completely up to you and they money I will eventually get will be used to pay off what I spend to run the websites (and in the remote possibility that I will get something extra they will be most likely used to buy more miniatures...).

Thanks in advance


  1. Any chance of us getting the martian DZ stats in here?

    1. At the moment I'm giving the precedence to the characters in the expansions, they are the first thing I'll add as soon as I have some free time. Then I'm going to add something else depending on what the people wants... and I received a couple of requests already about the MA! stuff.

  2. Hi,
    I'm afraid I can't donate currently, but I would like to help..
    is there anything I can do to assist in updating lists etc. ?
    I'm no computer programmer either, but i'd like to do what I can to help get as much detail into the army builder as possible.. MA lists, the new Veermyn beta, GCPS beta etc.

    James (Tandy)