Saturday, June 18, 2016

Donations Info

Since today accepts donations!

Putting together the various tools available on the website is quite time consuming and it's something that I do on my free time and for which I don't get any money in return.

Furthermore there are some costs associated with running a website (like for example paying for the domain), in the past years I've been trying to get some money back by putting some banners around but it hasn't been very successful. 
The tools I make are useful for a small number of people and they don't generate the kind of traffic to get back the money I put in advance.

So as today if you would like to help me improving either or you can simply make a donation with the paypal button below.

This is of course completely up to you and they money I will eventually get will be used to pay off what I spend to run the websites (and in the remote possibility that I will get something extra they will be most likely used to buy more miniatures...).

Thanks in advance

Friday, May 27, 2016

DZone2 FAQ

Here you can find some FAQs regarding, if you still have questions feel free to drop me an e-mail:

Q: Mantic Games released the v2.1 of the FAQ, when are you planning to update the tool?

A: I'm planning to update the tool in the weekend of July 22 -23 2017. The official FAQ is this one.

Q: Nothing happens when I click on the "generate pdf" button!

A: The first time you click on the button "generate pdf" your browser might ask you to a allow the page to open a new window (depending on the browser this might appear as an icon next to the address bar or a popup), you will not able to generate the pdf unless you allow dzone to open a new window.

A: If you are using the browser Safari (which is usually the default one on the Apple products) the button might not work. Try installing another browser like Chrome and try again. 
At some point in the future I might look into fixing this permanently but It's not on my radar at the moment.

Q: Are you planning to to an Android version of this army builder?

A: Not at the moment but I might try to make the page more mobile friendly sooner or later.

Q: I found a bug, how can I ask you to fix it?

A: Send me an e-mail and please let me know the detailed steps you did to reproduce the problem and if applicable (and helpful) also your browser version and a screenshot of the issue.

Q: I reported a bug, how long will it take to have it fixed?

A: No Idea! This is something that i do in my free time so it really depends on how busy I am at work and If I haven't anything better to do. 

Q: What version of the rules did you use?

A: Dzone has been designed using the 2nd edition of the Deadzone rules (2016), Once the official FAQs will be released by Mantic I'll update the tool.
The tool contains the units from the following books:

  • Deadzone (2016)
  • Nexus Psi expansion (2016)

Q: Why the characters (like Dr.Simmonds) appear only in the Mercs section and not as leaders?

A: Because is allowed to use the characters as leaders only when you use the Elite Army Lists and at the moment the tool does not support the Elite Army Lists. For this reason the various characters are displayed only in the mercs section.

Q: Are you planning to support other game systems?

A: At the moment I'm supporting just Deadzone (2nd edition) and Kings of War 2nd edition and 1st edition. I might support other games in the future.

Monday, July 22, 2013

eKow 3.510 for Android released

Just released the updated version of eKoW 3.510 for Android
  • Added Basileans (beta) army lists
  • Added Ogres army list
  • pdf export shows power points value

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

eKow Online now supports Ogre army list

eKow Online now supports the Ogre army list release by Mantic Games this week.
The Android version of eKow will be updated in upcoming weeks

The Ogre army list is available on the drop down list in the upper left corner

Sunday, April 14, 2013

eKoW 3.05 released for android

eKoW 3.05 is now available for Android at the google play store
  • it's now possible to add magic items (like the online version)
  • the magic items details will be printed in the pdf file once you export the army list
  • the magical items non released in the free pdf my Mantic's games have a placeholder as description instead of the actual description (but cost and name are shown)

magical items are not available in the units you have already added to your rooster, in order to make them available you have to:
  • create a brand new army list from scratch
  • remove and add again a unit in the army list, in this way the magic items picker will be available again

of course feel free to let me know if you find any issues or if you have ani suggestions!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

eKow online 3.5 released (with magical items!)

eKow online now supports magical items!, you can select them from the bottom of the unit's details.
  • The system will show you just the available items for the unit you are watching, so something available just for heroes will not be shown for an infantry troop
  • If you select one of the magic artefacts available in the free rulebook you will see also it's description, for everything else not available as a free download you will just see the name and the cost.
  • the magical artefact are also printed in the .pdf export next to the unit

Known issues:
  • there are some problems with items just available to individual heroes, when an hero looses the individual status (for example buying a fliying mount) the artefact is still available and it shouldn't!
  • after removing an unit with an artefact assigned it does not immediately appear on the list in the central panel, you have to reload the unit selecting it from the right panel

This item is available in the free rulebook, full details are available
This item is NOT available in the free rulebook, just name and cost are shown

Monday, December 24, 2012

eKow 3.01 just released

eKow 3.01 has just been released, I did some changes from the most recent FAQs: 

- Ogre shooter cannot have either the musician or the banner 
- a single Fight Wagon or Ogre chariot can have the musician and/or the banner

Happy vacations to everybody!