Wednesday, January 2, 2013

eKow online 3.5 released (with magical items!)

eKow online now supports magical items!, you can select them from the bottom of the unit's details.
  • The system will show you just the available items for the unit you are watching, so something available just for heroes will not be shown for an infantry troop
  • If you select one of the magic artefacts available in the free rulebook you will see also it's description, for everything else not available as a free download you will just see the name and the cost.
  • the magical artefact are also printed in the .pdf export next to the unit

Known issues:
  • there are some problems with items just available to individual heroes, when an hero looses the individual status (for example buying a fliying mount) the artefact is still available and it shouldn't!
  • after removing an unit with an artefact assigned it does not immediately appear on the list in the central panel, you have to reload the unit selecting it from the right panel

This item is available in the free rulebook, full details are available
This item is NOT available in the free rulebook, just name and cost are shown

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